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On top of the PDF documentation that ships with each product, the Ozone Documentation is also available online (WIKI format) here:

New In Ozone 2015

Physically Accurate Sunlight Model

The new photometric sunlight model uses a real-world, physical simulation of sun and atmospheric lighting intensities. This new, scientifically accurate model offers an alternative to the more artistic approach of the existing Spectral model.

As a result, your renders will look more photo-real in a subtle way, and HDR renders will preserve all the range of the natural spectrum.

You can easily switch between the new photometric model and the standard spectral model; Ozone 2015 will make all the required changes automatically.

The Ozone 2015 render engine will automatically adapt to the host application's photometric model to provide seamlessly integrated lighting.

Deeper Interoperability

Ozone 2015 now supports Autodesk Media & Entertainment products up to release 2015 (3ds Max 2015, Maya 2015 and Softimage 2015), and also adds support for V-Ray 3 for 3ds Max (support V-Ray 3 for Maya is under development)*.

Ozone 2015 also now also supports Maxon Cinema 4D up to R16 and Newtek LightWave up to version 11.6.

* Support for the upcoming version of LightWave is also under development,
and will be added to Ozone 2015 as soon as such new version is released.

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